How to register the account on EvaLikes?

1.1. Go to evalikes.com

1.2. At the top of the page find the section Login

1.3. You are at the page of authorization. Please, click to the link Create.

1.4. Please, enter your email, password and pass a captcha test.

1.5. Check your email and verify your account on evalikes.

1.6. Congratulations! Now you can make your purchase!

Thank you for choosing evalikes!

Ordering Procedure

How to place an order on EvaLikes?

evalikes is a social media marketplace, where you can buy likes, followers, views, shares on every popular social network sites (SNS) you can imagine. How can you make an order? Please, follow the instructions below:

2.1. Sign up/Log in to the service at evalikes.com;

2.2. At the top of the page find the New order section;

2.3. Choose the type of audience. You can choose who will perform the actions: real people or bots. Please note, that you can’t buy real people actions for all SNS;

2.4. Choose the social network you want;

2.5. Choose the service you want;

2.6. Don’t be afraid of the great choice. Click to the Details and read attentively the advantages of the chosen option and the requirements for the best performance;

2.7. When you choose the type of service, paste the link to the publication;

2.8. Proceed to the payment by clicking the button Buy now;

2.9. The order is placed in the cart. Please, Proceed to checkout;

2.10. Congrats! And thank you for choosing our service!

Payment Order

How to make a payment or refill a balance?

3.1. Go to evalikes.com and sign up/log in;

3.2. Find the Profile section and click the Buy Credits section;

3.3. Select the plan you want to buy and click the button Buy now

3.4. You are redirected to the PayPal page. Log in to your Paypal account or make a guest checkout!

3.5. Congratulations! The money is added to your evalikes account!

Thank you for choosing our service!

Basic Requirements

What are the main requirements for the publications?

4.1. The link to publication should be valid and correct;

4.2. The account should have an avatar/profile picture;

4.3. The account should be public (Instagram);

4.4. Video/post should be available in all countries (YouTube).