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Do You Know The Secret How To Get Instagram Likes? We Do!

If you work hard trying to prepare high-quality content for your account, it is quite natural that you want to get a reward. In the case of social networks when we speak about the reward, we mean likes and followers. Yes, it is also quite obvious that you want to know the answer to the question: “How to get likes on Instagram?”.

And in this article, I will tell you how to do it and what approaches to this issue exist.

Why do people want to get free likes on Instagram?

Those who are dreaming about achieving success on Instagram should remember one rather simple rule: likes are your driving engine.

Even if you think that it sounds too naive, just believe me. It is really true. And there is quite a logical explanation.

Today for a post to be recommended to a wide range of users as well as to be displayed in the top section, it is necessary to be liked by other people. Yes, getting more likes ensures your chances to get even more likes.

I am not trying to mislead you, it’s just the principle that is used by the Instagram algorithm. It considers that if a lot of people have already positively welcomed your post, it may be a sign that other Instagram users will be also happy to see or post in their section of recommended publications.

So, provided you are one of those Instagram users who have created an account not just to keep warm family memories but to lead a business or to promote a blog, you should definitely be interested in how to get more Instagram likes. Otherwise, all your efforts to promote your page will be absolutely useless and won’t guarantee you desired results.

How to get more likes on Instagram: two approaches

In general, I should admit that there are three approaches to get Instagram likes.

But the first one presupposes publishing excellent posts and just waiting for likes. That’s why I think we shouldn’t discuss it in this article.

The other two approaches under consideration are:

  • Trying to get free likes on Instagram on your own;

  • Turning to the services of a marketplace.

In case you prefer the first variant you need to bear in mind the following things:

  • It’s time-consuming.

You need to include such a point as “trials to get more likes” in your daily timetable. I am not joking. As to get more likes you need to like posts of other users, you need to spend your time on it.

  • It’s risky (you can get blocked).

As Instagram has some limits of permitted activity in order not to be blocked you should act only within these limits. You shouldn't be too fast and too generous (yes, too many likes are not allowed). But it’s difficult to follow these limits if you try to act manually.

If you want to have more free time that you can spend on other things like preparing catchy content or developing your business strategy, you can use the services of a reliable marketplace. The marketplace can help you to save your time and to leave your worries about your risks to get banned.

As a social networks marketplace, Evalikes.com offers you:

  • It’s time-efficient.

Forget about spending all your time liking other people’s photos. Our system will be doing it for you while you will be doing other even more important things.

  • It’s absolutely safe.

The system works in the frameworks of the existing Instagram limits. It means that Instagram won’t consider your activity suspiciously high to block your account. In our blog, you can also read more about the safety of this approach.

So, there are two options for you to consider. Nevertheless, though getting likes is an important (I would even say that it is a crucial) step to your success, in the conditions of extremely high competition on Instagram you need to pay attention to the quality of your posts.

And I’d be happy to share my vision with you.

What to post on Instagram to get likes: easy-to-follow tips

Of course, it is clear that your content will entirely depend on the concept of your blog or the specificity of your business. Nevertheless, there are some general recommendations that may be useful to you:

  • Don’t be afraid to use different formats.

Videos, boomerang or carousel posts, simple photos...You are not obliged to choose the only one variant and use it forever. You are free to choose and mix them as you wish.

  • Establish communication with your audience.

Ask them to share their experience in comments, or to choose between several options, or just ask them questions. React to their comments and reply to them. Your followers should feel that you care about them and their opinion.

  • Organize contents and giveaways.

The necessity of these formats is explained practically by the same principle as the above-mentioned point about the necessity of communication. People will stay active when they see what they can get for their activity.

  • Choose the content that your audience likes.

In order to reach the top, you need to offer really valuable and interesting posts. You should analyze the interests of your audience. If you see that they like must-have lists or interviews with your employees or reviews of your latest purchases, do your best to satisfy their demands.

  • Post beautiful images.

Maybe it sounds quite simple. But please don’t forget that initially, Instagram was an app for sharing photos and videos. Though now it has a much wider functionality, it doesn’t mean that an image itself is not important. The first thing that people pay attention to is still a pic. So, provide them with a beautiful pic, please,

  • Stay true to yourself.

Yes, that’s the main tip to get more Instagram likes. Though there can be some tendencies or trends, there can be some changes in the audience’s tastes and many other things, but if you stay yourself, you will have the highest chances to succeed.

So, I hope my tips will be of great use for you.

And don’t forget, that Evalikes will be always at your disposal if you need our help.