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How To Get More Followers On Instagram And Not To Get Blocked

If you are looking for the ways to get Instagram followers safely then we can consider that you have already found it. And now let me explain why.

The question on how to get Instagram fast is one of the most widely-spread among those who are just starting running an account (it can be both private or business account as the approaches that you should apply to your promotion are very similar).

Nevertheless, I recommend you to put an emphasis not only on the speed of getting new subscribers but are the quality of this promotion and these connections that you establish.

Let’s analyze different situations and different strategies (I really hope that you will choose the one that will suit you perfectly).

How To Get More Followers On Instagram On Your Own

Okay, let’s suppose that you have decided to get free Instagram followers yourself as you don’t trust social; networks marketplace (yes, it’s your natural right).

What do people usually do in this case?

Step 1. Mass liking

Step 2. Mass following

Step 3. Mass commenting

and it is not the full list. But just bear in mind that all these things you should do manually.

If you think that you will manage to fulfill this task just in a day or two, I have to disappoint it (though I hate doing it). You won’t manage to fulfill this task just in a day or two.

The main barrier that will prevent you from it is the limitations that are imposed by Instagram. The system has some concrete figures for different actions. There are not only follow/unfollow and likes limits but also limits for comments and direct messages.

The limits for new accounts are rather low, something nearly 50 – 80 follows at the beginning of your Instagram journey. However, these figures are growing as you gain followers and experience.

As for likes, the situation is practically the same but the initial limits are a little bit higher. By the way, in case you are looking for the ways to get more likes, we have already found it for you. Read our How-to-get-more-likes Guide.

But don’t think that these numbers are the only things that can restrict your activity. Instagram can block you for being too quick as well.

If you violate some Instagram rules, you will be blocked. This fact is known for sure. The only question is the period of your blockage. It can be from a couple of hours to a couple of days (usually not longer when it comes to violations likes that).

However, as you see when you want to do everything on your own, you can do it only at your own risk. Yes, there is a risk to be blocked and to lose your valuable time.

You also have a variant to do it very slowly. But once again you will lose your time.

How to get Instagram followers absolutely safely

Of course, if you study all the rules and all the limits, you will have a possibility to promote your account rather safely on your own but I should admit that it could be rather difficult.

However, we have some interesting offers for those are interested in how to get more Instagram followers and don’t be afraid to break Instagram rules.

I’d would be happy to recommend you to consider an option of getting new followers with the help of the services provided by EvaLikes marketplace. With these services, you will always be on the safe side while your account will be constantly growing. As for me, it’s an extremely attractive option.

Just imagine: you make just a couple of clicks and all your routine works all done for you. Here you are some benefits of turning to the EvaLikes marketplace services.

  • EvaLikes is able to offer you real followers that can be active and engaged if you prepare interesting content.

  • Your risks to be banned or blocked are close to zero. Our system follows all the limits which mean that your page will never be considered by Instagram for being too fast or too active.

  • You can save an impressive amount of time. How much time do you usually spend on mass liking? At least several hours per day, am I right. Now, these hours will be completely yours and you can do a lot of more valuable things that just liking or following other Instagram accounts.

  • You will notice the results practically immediately. You don’t need to wait for ages hoping to get Instagram followers and spending all your free time on promotion.

So, do you see the difference between the two above-described situations? I am sure that you understand why I would recommend you not to rely fully on yourself if you asked me.

How to get Instagram followers just in three clicks

With EvaLikes, everything is so simple that I am not even sure whether you need to get any instructions from me. Nevertheless, I’ve prepared a very short guide for you.

If you want to be an order, please don’t worry that you won’t manage to do it, it is absolutely simple.

Just choose the right services that you are interested in.

Pay attention that to order our services you just need to add the link to your account that you are going to promote.

As soon as you add to your cart all the services that you need you can proceed to payment.

To pay for your services you need to have an account on our marketplace (that’s why to you need to sign up or log in).

Yes, that’s it. As soon as your payment is processed, we will start to execute your order. Your role in this situation is limited just to making an order and enjoying the benefits of your growing audience.

So, I’ve just explained two different options about how it is possible to get Instagram followers. They are different, nevertheless, it’s only up to you to decide. However, I really believe that the second variant that presupposes buying followers on the marketplace at least deserves to be considered.