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When And How To Get Followers On Instagram (And How Not To Lose Them)

Building your audience is extremely important if you have a public blog or if you want to promote a business account. You should view your audience as an army of supporters who make you strong in the serious competition of Instagram brands and blogs. And you shouldn’t underestimate their value.

Why you should think about how to get more Instagram followers

If the comparison with an army of supporter is not convincing enough for you, let me explain it another way. It is clear that when a person comes to such a platform as Instagram to promote a brand or to create a public blog, he or she wants to have an opportunity to make money.

As a rule, you can do it via advertising or via direct sales (in case you run a business). So, in case you find the ways to get more followers on Instagram your earning opportunities will be growing alongside the number of your subscribers.

Here is the simplest and shortest formula that has come to mind my in this context:

more followers+rights strategies=more money

Yes, you can view your audience as a special force that can boost your financial benefits.

But at the same time, many people also consider it rather pleasant when they know that many others share their interests and views. So, for someone followers may also play a significant role from the emotional and psychological point of view.

However, it doesn’t matter why you want to get Instagram followers. If you want to get them you should act.

How to get more followers on Instagram

The most widely known way to get real Instagram followers that all the users who are developing their accounts use is mass following. You need to follow as many followers as you can (as Instagram will let you follow) and hope that they will follow back. Nevertheless, it can be too time-consuming.

That’s why I offer you to consider a variant to buy followers. On EvaLikes marketplace you can do it just in a couple of clicks.

Some Instagram users may have some doubts about the safety of this method but you can leave all the related fears aside. There is no risk to get your account blocked as EvaLikes service works in accordance with all the rules existing on Instagram. It means that the activity performed by your account won’t exceed the allowed limits.

If you want to learn more about the effectiveness and safety of the services of this kind, read our post about buying followers.

When to buy followers

Quite often our clients ask us when it is more feasible to buy followers: when you have just created an account or when you have already attracted some followers on your own. My answer is the following.

Of course, I don’t recommend you to buy followers when you account is completely empty. Your potential followers should see that your account is active. But as for other timeframes, there are no strict rules.

Among our clients, there are brands that are just starting their activity on Instagram as well as bloggers with a quite impressive number of followers. Both types of accounts need a boost and buying followers they can get it.

How to retain your audience

But to get Instagram followers is only one part of the task. The second part is not to let them go. In order not to make people unfollow you, you need to create interesting content that will represent some value for them.

To facilitate your life, I have prepared a list of best ideas what you can offer your audience:

  • Giveaways. If you are a person who was born on this planet, you definitely know that human beings really love getting things for free. Sometimes it doesn’t really mean whether he or she needs this or that thing. If it is free, why not? And of course, so-called giveaways are amazingly popular. This format presupposes that you promise to give something as a gift to a randomly chosen person from the list of those who tag their friends in your comments.

  • Contests. Their nature is very close to the nature of giveaways. People obtain a chance to get something for free. But don’t invent too complicated rules for participants. The task should be easy like making a photo or answering a question. Don’t ask your followers to do something that will take more than 5 minutes, otherwise, the list of participants may be extremely short.

  • Practical tips. If the general concept of your account allows it, offer your subscribers some useful information that can be easily applicable to their daily life. For example, if you have a fashion blog, tell your followers how they can create an amazing look without spending thousands of dollars. If you are an Instagram model, share some tips on how to look fabulous in selfies.

  • Checklists. Today this format is really very popular. It is not very difficult to create such posts but they will deserve great attention from the side of your audience. Offer your subscribers various lists of the best films to watch with their children, the most exciting things to do at the weekend and the most delicious dishes to prepare for breakfast. Of course, there can be many-many other variants of such lists. Also, invite your audience to share their opinion in comments.

  • Reviews. Be honest with your audience, share your real opinion. If you promise your audience to stay honest, do it. Now I don’t take advertising into consideration, now I am speaking about simple reviews when you use some products and tell your followers what you think about it.

  • Content created by your followers. Your audience will appreciate if you share photos taken by other followers. By the way, do you remember about contests? It could be a great idea to ask participants to make posts about your product.

There can be much more interesting formats that you can use for your posts. But the main rule is always the same: listen to your followers and don’t ignore their interest. And you will feel their love and see their likes and comments under your posts.